“The artist behind Liquid Art - a motto for a revolution”

Roy-Pitz has been blessed throughout our history; being surrounded by talented individuals and groups who have helped build our brand and the culture of Liquid Art. No one probably fits that bill better than Will Hemsley. As a cousin of our co-founder, Jesse Rotz, Will has been around Roy-Pitz as long as anyone, seeing the brand and product development from the young minds and hands of two high school aged dreamers.

Will’s perspective, combined with his incredible talent as an artist drove the brand in the direction of Liquid Art. Will brings a creative ability and in-depth knowledge of the brand, the beers, and the individuals behind it. With these, Will literally gave us a creative canvas to tell our story. Will embodies the story with each piece of work that comes out, built on years of storytelling around the beers we’ve shared as friends and family.

When we first put a work of art on our bottles almost 8 years ago, it wasn’t as commonplace as it is today, but since has become the preferred medium for brands and brewers to express the individuality of the beer and their story. We hope you enjoy our beers, but more importantly enjoy the art, the stories, and the reasons we make them that Will has brilliantly captured so many times on the walls, the bottles, and in the tap handles that surround our products.

Learn more about Will and his work at www.willhemsley.com

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Will Hemsley


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August 28, 2018


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August 20, 2018


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July 17, 2018