Spencer Pheil and Stable Shakers is a great representation of the Liquid Art brand and the relationship we’ve had with great local musicians over the last 10 years. A house favorite at Roy-Pitz, Stable Shakers always brings a good show, but more importantly, is a great example of working together and finding ways to grow together in a mutually beneficial way.

Music has always been a huge part of the Liquid Art brand – its a key component in how we make beer, and how we want our guests to enjoy it. Over the years we’ve been surrounded and supported by many great artists who build their craft around music and share it with our guests. We see a responsibility to nurture and grow the music community around our brewpubs by providing a venue for exposure and opportunity to reach new fans. Our guests are often exposed to new music from their community they might not have known existed until they heard it at Roy-Pitz.

Over the years this cycle of support and growth has continued to foster both within Roy-Pitz and outside of our own walls on stages across the country. Musicians we’ve met and worked with have continued to grow and take their story and the Liquid Art brand far beyond the reach of our beer. We’ve seen our brand on stage with major acts and had the opportunity to share our story and passion with some amazing musicians over the last 10 years. We’ve had songs written about Roy-Pitz and might have even snuck a few cases into some dressing rooms and tour busses over the years to continue to spread the word!

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Spencer Pheil


Jake Elliott

August 28, 2018


Ed Rotz

August 20, 2018


Hauk Designs

July 17, 2018