Kenny Hauk is a great representation of a local like-minded artist and businessman who we at Roy-Pitz have developed a great relationship with over our time in Chambersburg. Kenny’s vision for metal and vehicles mirrors our passion for grain to glass brewing. He and his team at Hauk Designs have also shrugged off the mass produced market and focused their craft on creating unique one-off and custom designs, vehicles, and experiences.

We’ve worked with Kenny and his amazing team on a number of projects, most notably the entire slate of metalwork in our Barrel House in Philadelphia.  Partnering with Kenny allowed us to not only be closer to the design and build out of key components in our space, it gave us a tie in to our hometown and local artists who we can showcase in our new location. The team put forward some amazing work and the metal itself was only amplified by how well it fit into the design of the space, and the surrounding art and woodwork.

We’d honestly never have been able to put forward such a space without the work of Kenny and his team.  We’re thankful for the work, effort, and friendship of such talented individuals. We’re excited to continue to partner with Kenny, work together as friends and neighbors, and continue to enjoy time spent sharing a beer and a story at The Stube.

For more information on Kenny and the Team at Hauk Designs, please visit their website.


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Hauk Designs


Jake Elliott

August 28, 2018


Ed Rotz

August 20, 2018


Hauk Designs

July 17, 2018