Craft is at the core of what we do at Roy-Pitz. Key to Liquid Art is the belief and practice that individual ideas and contributions of hard work and skill help us build a brand and atmosphere that spans more than just a beer or a bar or a restaurant.

Nowhere is craft probably more evident than when you walk into our restaurant spaces. If you’ve been in at all over the last 10 years and had a beer, Ed Rotz has built the table that supported it, the bar that served it up, the walls that surround it, and just about any thing else we’ve asked of him for The Stube and The Barrel House.  Ed is not only a master carpenter and craftsmen, he’s family and been a big part of our lives way before Roy-Pitz was a reality. Without Ed, that reality simply would not exist.

Ed’s contributions go far beyond wood and nails. Ed has instilled in us the idea of craftsmanship well before we were ever making beers. Growing up we witnessed first hand his dedication to his work, his skill in those labors, and his willingness to work hard to contribute to the shared success of something special.  This has been a core piece of our passion for what we do today, and without him we’d not only left without walls, we’d be left without that foundation of craftsmanship and willingness to put in the work, and the value you can devrie both personally as well as with customers when that personal touch is evident.

Next time you visit Roy-Pitz, take a close look at the wood around the space. Many of these items could have been outfitted with premade or prefabricated pieces, but doing it with the support of craftsmen like Ed not only helped make it happen, it made it Liquid Art.

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Ed Rotz


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August 28, 2018


Ed Rotz

August 20, 2018


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July 17, 2018