Roy-Pitz Brewing Company 's mission is to share a philosophy of a passionate fulfilling life, through the art of crafting quality beers, hard work, and the employment of good people.

Chris Collier, Head Brewmaster for Roy-Pitz, is a great example of the passions embodied in the term “Liquid Art”. Chris brings a level of dedication and knowledge to Roy-Pitz that has helped both redefine and grow “the liquid” we have put out over the last number of years. Chris is responsible for not only ensuring the quality and craftsmanship behind the beers in the Roy-Pitz portfolio, but also some of the most cutting-edge experimental techniques used in the brewery’s barrel-aging program. Chris has a huge depth of knowledge in not only brewing, but also microbiology and the study of wood aging and its effects on beer. With this, Chris has conjured some of the most unique and interesting flavors in our Nice Dreams sour series beers. We’re extremely excited about these rare beers, not only for their complex, unique, and ever-evolving tastes, but also for the level of craft and passion it takes to painstakingly nurture these creations over multiple years – all for the sake of a great tasting glass.

Chris’s passion for his work and developing knowledge are only matched by his passions outside the brewery, including frisbee golf, usually shared with a brew in hand. Liquid Art is about those passions and dedicating them to the pursuit of great beer, great art and honing your craft.

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August 28, 2018


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August 20, 2018


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July 17, 2018